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The Entreprenista Podcast is a weekly show featuring the stories of successful female founders and what it's really like to run a business. Hosted by Stephanie Cartin & Courtney Spritzer, co-founders of Socialfly, a leading social media marketing agency, each episode goes beyond what you see on Instagram and into the nitty-gritty of growing and scaling a company effectively from women who’ve done it. Consider this the most fun business meeting you’ll ever have.

Jun 8, 2020

Let’s be honest: being a Mamaprenista is really two full time jobs. But for Joanna Parker, co-founder of Yumble (a weekly subscription service that delivers healthy, delicious fully-prepared meals specifically designed for kids), it’s the "mama" job that actually inspired the “prenista” in her. Trying to solve mealtime challenges with her own kids, Joanna had an idea to lighten the load of other mothers, sharing a post on Facebook with an offer to cook for others. Before she knew it, her family's kitchen was doing double duty as a test and production kitchen for the new business she started with her husband. Just three years later, the company has gone national, has a fast growing team and many customers, and big plans to expand mealtime to a happier place. Joanna joins Socialfly co-founder Stephanie Cartin for a conversation about building her business and career, and describes her journey to success, including: how Joanna learned the power of social media to test the market, the value of getting feedback from early adopters; why Yumble wasn’t the original name, and how the name was inspired by a story that never got made; why the decision to pause product deliveries for six months actually saved the company instead of destroying it; about the overlooked challenge of team management; how Joanna has found the fine line between managing and micromanaging; the distinction between ego and confidence; why one of most successful aspects of Yumble resulted from a scramble to fix a last minute problem; how Joanna the mom compares to Joanna the businessperson; why Joanna and family have committed to device-free weekends; and, the power of the "word of mom". Plus, a surprise!